How it Works

One Shot…Immediate Response

The best gunshot-detection systems leave no margin for error. Trinity can detect a gunshot from any weapon within the sensor’s range.

The shot is immediately confirmed, and in less than a second Trinity automatically sends notifications that:

  • Identify where all shots are fired
  • Notify building occupants
  • Trigger on-site active-shooter procedures
  • Provide critical, specific information to emergency responders

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Trinity’s system is unlike any other on the market. It was designed from the ground up to be incredibly fast and accurate…yet we also made it affordable, so any building can benefit from the added security of gunshot detection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information will emergency responders receive in the notifications and how will their receive it?

Emergency responders receive a message that is completely automated and identified as “high priority – emergency information.”  It will include the date and time of a gunshot and the exact location of the shot. It will be in the form of text, email, or other forms of digital communication.

Do the sensors record conversations?

The sensors do not record conversations.  They are programmed to scan sound in a format that does not allow for full conversations to be captured.

What about false alarms?

A glass beaker breaking in the science lab, lockers slamming, even cymbals crashing during a pep rally will not activate Trinity’s alarm system.  Can we guarantee that there will never be an event that activates the system and did not involve a gunshot? Probably not, but our programming has been tested against multiple false positives, and we feel our system adds such a significant benefit to your safety that a small chance of a false notification is well worth the greater benefit of immediate awareness.

Do I still need to call 911 during an active shooter incident if our building has Trinity installed?

Although we’re not suggesting you avoid calling for help, our system takes care of the calls for you. If you are in a safe environment where potentially disclosing your location will not jeopardize your safety or the safety of others, we certainly encourage you to call 911.

What types of health maintenance checks are made on Trinity to make sure it's functioning properly?

Trinity monitors your system on a daily basis and will make repairs remotely if possible. If there is an extensive error, Trinity will notify your system representative and coordinate the repair immediately.

What type of building could benefit from Trinity Gunshot Alarm System?

The short answer to that question is any building with people in it because no building is immune to the possibility of an active shooter situation. Trinity works well in schools, restaurants, office buildings, government buildings, shopping malls, airports, churches, universities, healthcare facilities, banks, cinemas, hotels, and many more. Wherever there are people, there is a need for Trinity.

How much will the system cost?

Every building has a unique design and although we can make a rough estimate, it would be difficult to determine an exact price without knowing more about your facility. We want the process of protecting the people in your building to be uncomplicated and affordable which is why we provide the best product at a price you can’t afford to say no to. Trinity is subscription-based software so you can fit this necessary safety tool into your monthly budget. We’ve made our system affordable so we can help protect as many people as possible. Contact us for a quote.

Instant detection can save lives. Entrust them to the leaders in lightning-fast, proprietary gunshot detection technology…Trinity.