Setting the Pace in Gunshot Detection Systems

The unthinkable can happen at any time. Trinity’s state-of-the-art gunshot detection sensors can sound the alarm in an instant.

Sound Technologies

The sound of a gunshot in your building activates Trinity’s proprietary high-tech sensors

Once a shot is detected and confirmed, in less than a second Trinity can automatically send notifications that:

  • Identify where all shots are fired
  • Notify building occupants
  • Trigger on-site active-shooter procedures
  • Provide critical, specific information to emergency responders

Trinity was designed to be an affordable solution. This makes Trinity an easy choice for multiple applications and virtually any structure.

We designed our proprietary sensors to function equally well in noisy classrooms or cavernous warehouses.

Valuable seconds can save valuable lives. Entrust them to the leaders in hyper-fast, proprietary gunshot detection technology…Trinity.

Real World Experience Meet Cutting-Edge Technology

Trinity is the creation of Stacy Jax, a schoolteacher and mom who saw news coverage of school shootings and vowed to help.

The Solution

With input from law enforcement, Stacy’s original vision has been brought to life by technical experts and skilled developers.

The Result

Unique, purpose-built technology that was not borrowed from the military or repurposed from other systems.

Trust Trinity for fast, accurate gunshot detection systems designed for real-world scenarios.